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Compression Shorts

Compression Shorts

Protect muscles and optimise blood circulation

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In combination with the Socks/ Sleeve, the Compression Shorts ensure the systematic continuation of the concept of controlled compression on the leg. Besides the benefits of optimised blood circulation, other features are in particular proprioceptive effects and the protection of the muscles against microfiber tears. Wearing the shorts reduces muscle vibration in the thighs improving performance and reducing pain in the quads after exercise. The Shorts are made from skinfriendly and thermoregulating yarns and additionally are available in separate ladies’ and men’s styles, which take into account the different anatomical requirements of men and women.

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How compression works during sports

  1. Muscle vibration/Oscillation
    The compression fabric acts like a stabilising support and ensures a significant reduction in muscle vibration; the number of tears in the muscle fibre is reduced, which increases muscle performance. It also reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS, reduces muscle injuries, and reduces cramps which means that you can have less pain after training and/or train as frequently as your training plan requires.
  2. Joint stabilisation
    The more stable the muscles are, the more finely balanced the action of the ligaments and joints (knee joint, ankle joint). Wear is reduced, in particular in the region of the Achilles tendon, and relief can also be provided for chronic inflammatory complaints.
  3. Enhanced proprioception
    Muscle activation enhances body sensitisation; athletes feel better, more stable, stronger and more «toned», improving your sensory awareness - infact athletes often run faster and with a longer stride in Sigvaris compression products
  4. Improved arterial inflow
    Compression increases arterial inflow, which improves the blood supply to the muscles. An improved blood supply means that the muscles are supplied with more oxygen, which leads to increased performance.
  5. Accelerated venous return
    Finely calibrated pressure distribution on the leg. This speeds up the return of the blood and improves the removal of metabolic substances (e.g. lactates) from the muscle. Accelerated venous return ensures lighter legs, because there is less fluid retention in the tissues - it also means that if you wear your socks after exertion your legs recover faster and better.
  6. Thermal regulation
    While an improved blood supply generally shortens recovery, thermoregulatory effects additionally support the regenerative processes of the socks

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