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SIGVARIS sports compression products incorporate over 140 years of medical expertise. Now the wealth of experience of the world market leader in medical compression stockings is also available in the field of sports.

SIGVARIS use sophisticated construction made from ultra modern high tech fibres, which are perfectly adapted to meet the needs of the athlete.

For the first time, a compression product offers sports-specific functions and at the same time guarantees perfectly calibrated pressure on the leg - because if you don't buy your product by ankle size you aren't buying the right product for you.

During sport, SIGVARIS sports compression stockings and sleeves use controlled degressive pressure, from the ankle up to above the calf, to speed up blood circulation and improve the supply of blood pumped to the muscles. In this way metabolic substances (e.g. lactates) are removed more rapidly and the muscle fibres are supplied with more oxygen. The precise sizing system takes into account all possible combinations of calf, leg and shoe size, so that every athlete is perfectly catered for.

The technique which is indispensable for the lower leg is all the more important for the thigh, the largest muscle of the loco motor system. The compression shorts fit perfectly into the compression system, adding to the controlled pressure from the lower leg and maximize energy in the whole leg - because if you are buying by waist size, you are probably wasting your money.